River Cruises

River Cruising is one of the most relaxing and luxurious ways to experience travel through Europe. So much of Europe’s rich history, commercial development and trade communications was centered around around the extensive network of inland waterways. Rivers were used as the primary source of travel and the shipping of goods from place to place enabled many European countries to gain wealth and power. As such most of Europe’s modern day great cities are situated on a waterway of some sort, and that wealth enabled those cities to create monumental cultural and heritage icons of architecture and development. River Cruising allows the traveler to experience these wonders in a luxurious and leisurely fashion. It offers an escape from tiresome packing and unpacking and checking in and out of hotels every other day, and long days spent in a coach. It offers a freedom to walk around and enjoy the multitude of facilities on board, or relax in your cabin or indulge in the fabulous food and beverage options available. You can be in a perfect state of relaxation while the majestic and ever-changing scenery unfolds before you. River boats are much smaller vessels so it offers a much more refined and intimate travel experience.

The Worlds Best River Cruise Options

Rhine and Danube

Douro Valley

Rivers of France

The Mekong River

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