French Rivers

  France Rivers


The rivers of France provide a wonderful sightseeing experience. The Seine River Cruises in the north cover majestic Paris and it’s surrounds as well as the infamous Normandy battlefields and dramatic channel coastlines upto the lovely northern town of Rouen. 

In the southwest, the Garonne and Dordogne river regions offer some of Frances most stunning scenery as well as some of the country’s best vineyards near Bordeaux. In the south east, through the valleys of Provence, the Saone and Rhone rivers encompass some of Frances most picture perfect villages and medieval towns showing off France’s best regional produce at their markets. 

French river cruises are normally 7 or 8 days but you can also be easily combine two or more to create 15-21 day itineraries. The distances travelled are quite short, giving you more time on the ground to experience the region in intimate detail and sample the local delicacies. Flights to and from any combination of Paris, Nice, Lyon and Bordeaux gives you easy access to any of these options and of course a few days on the French Riveria at the end of your trip may appeal!