A great hotel can make or break your trip. 
At Surf Coast Travel we take great care in selecting the right hotel for you. That means we use our extensive knowledge and care to pick the best value for money accommodation for your budget. We focus on location, quality and value for money. Come in and see us to use our professional knowledge to make the best possible holiday for you.

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Prefer to have some of the comforts of home whilst your away? Apartment style accommodation is an increasingly popular way to base yourself in a city, particularly for families or groups. Apartments generally give you more living space and can save you considerable amounts o money by utilizing the available cooking facilities and fridge space. Live like a local and visit the local deli’s, markets and stores to fully immerse yourself in the cultural ways of your destination. Apartments range anything from a studio suite within a hotel complex, up to a 6 bedroom fully furnished privately owned living spaces. Each has their own standard and character, so attention should be paid to the specific features listed.

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Villas offer you the chance to experience beautiful regional areas of a destination in unique accommodations. The villas range from anything from 1 to 6 bedrooms in a wide range of styles and layouts from renovated medieval palaces and 16th century farm houses, to smaller contemporary style apartments, all depending on where they are and what is typical for the region. Staying in a villa is also a great way to slow down an often hectic itinerary, giving you time and space to relax and soak in the local environment. Villas will often feature private or communal pools and a range of other facilities and services. They offer excellent value for money, often surprisingly so, as they come with a full range of services and local knowledge. Trips to wineries, first class dining, cooking schools and local villages can be arranged. 

Bed and Breakfast

The bed and breakfast has been considered one of the finest accommodation traditions in British history, and has now spread to wider parts of the European continent. They generally offer excellent value for money, on-site or nearby parking and of course deliciously cooked traditional breakfast with local produces. They allow you to really connect with some local people, and glean that first hand local knowledge to really enhance your trip. If you are considering a driving holiday through the UK or Ireland, BnB multi-stop passes are available which then allow you to book a few days ahead by using a voucher system. This allows you to have flexibility in your itinerary, but also ensures that you know you will have somewhere to stay when you arrive.

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