Top 10 reasons to choose cruising as your next holiday

September 30, 2017

Some of you may be cruise experts already of course, but in many cases people have only been with 1 or 2 companies so it can be difficult to really know the differences between various cruise lines, which ones are good and bad and which ones might be more suitable for you based on your interests, demographics and desired locations. Cruising is becoming more and more popular, to the extent where it has become information overload. In January 2018 alone, there will be 24 different Cruise lines visit Australian waters, so there’s a lot of options !!

Why a cruise holiday ? Here’s some of the great things about cruising, compared to other types of holidays, particularly for the Australian market.

• The most popular reason is of course that you only unpack once. Book a suite and you may well have someone to do that for you as well! Taking out one of the most tiresome chores of travel is certainly an advantage. Any day on holiday spent packing up, checking out, move to another place, checking in again and unpacking again is a good portion of the day no matter how close by the next place is. Not having to do this is a much better use of your time!

• The ship itself becomes the destination, with so much entertainment on board and a great variety of activities, there’s something for everyone, but it does require some thought before to make sure it’s a suitable product FOR YOU. The standard of entertainment, including broad-way style shows, concerts, comedians, game shows and artists are excellent.

• Food and beverage options are seemingly endless and of excellent quality. There’s so many options it’s hard to be disappointed, from casual snacks, buffet meals, a la carte, premium dining and specialty restaurants. In addition there are great lounge areas, themed bars and other pre-dining venues. Dietary requirements are now excellently catered for including plentiful diabetic and gluten free options.

• Seeing multiple destinations as part of the same itinerary is a huge advantage. Trying to combine different countries with varying public transport mechanisms, car hire laws forbidding one way drops off, visa requirements to name a few make combining different countries on the same itinerary extremely difficult and time consuming if not impossible in some instances. Being able to cruise between ports even if not far between them is an easy way to navigate these issues.

• Cruising is also a good option for Hawaii as it enables you to visit all 4 major islands in a short space of time, trying to replicate that by flying between islands would be a tiresome experience.

• Also it’s a great way to see Asia, Vietnam for example can be combined with Hong Kong and Singapore. Plus now they include places like Halong bay in to their itinerary and most of the places that you’d want to go are near enough to the coast.

• They also now offer things like overnight shore excursions for allowing the inclusion of previously unreachable destinations such as Machu Pichu and Siem Reap.

• River cruises drop you off right in the best parts of the city, and you can just get off and wander around at your leisure, so it’s a very relaxing touring option compared to a coach tour.

• Scenic cruising such as in southern Chile, or Alaska, it allows you access to see some of these places that would be otherwise inaccessible.

• You can get a snap shot of places you wouldn’t otherwise go to, like Montenegro, Malta, Tunisia, The Philippines. Sumatra and so forth.

• Underling all of this is the exceptional value for money that cruising provides. When you consider that the cruise fares includes travel, accommodation, all meals, and much entertainment, when broken down to how much that is per person per day and compared to other holiday forms, it is clearly an economic option either for the family or a romantic getaway.