One of the major aspects of what Mu Va Travel and Cruise does is offer a range of Cultural and Heritage tours as well as have the ability to put together a specialized itinerary for you based on your special interests, throughout our portfolio of destinations. Cultural and Heritage tourism is traveling to experience the places and sites that authentically represent the stories and people of the past, and the historical significance of a destination. Culture has always been a major object of travel and cultural attractions play an important role in tourism at all levels. And as part of that culture, heritage and the arts have largely contributed to the appeal of any tourist destination. The overall purpose is to gain an appreciation of the past and an understanding and appreciation of the present. Special interests in heritage and arts can form anything from the sole purpose of your trip to just a passing visit to an art gallery. Almost certainly though you will find your entire travel experience more fulfilling if you can include something that will add to your appreciation and understanding of the culture and historical significance of your destination.Some of our most popular tours feature the following special interests.


Visit some of the most famous art galleries in world in Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands or the UK. Just about all of the major cities in our portfolio feature numerous different galleries, housed in variety of facilities. Many host a range of the classical art forms and the buildings themselves are often icons of the architectural world as well. Private galleries, Cathedral facades and ceilings, plazas, street art and of course major museums could all be built in to your specialized itinerary.


Be guided by a specialized historian as they guide your through the ancient relics of Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, the UK and of course Egypt. The history is profound and there are many sites in each destination that can be included. These can be visited either as part of an organized tour, or through a privately arranged itinerary just for you. In which case you can visit multiple countries with an local guide expert to each specific area that you visit. There are also specialist cruise options such as Voyages to Antiquity.


Specialized architecture tours are becoming ever increasingly popular theme with which to explore Europe. With such a wondrous array of exhibits to show it is hardly surprising. Although most European tours will feature world famous architecture to some degree, for those with a particular enthusiasm or keener eye, why not be guided by a local expert who can give you particular insight and relevance to these significant cultural icons. Tours can be designed around the most famous such as Antoni Gaudi in Spain, Michelangelo in Italy or Christopher Wren in London.


For those with a green thumb there are many different tours which specialize in gardening and nature. The APT ‘Botanica’ program provides five star comfort for their botanically themed tours through the UK and France to discover private and public gardens in a relaxed group of like-minded travellers, including river cruise and small luxury ship cruise options.

There is also of course the Chelsea Garden Show in May of each year in London which can form the highlight of other botanical options.

Religion – Pilgrimages

There are of many religious sites and destinations of pilgrimage throughout our main European destinations. Places such as Lourdes in southern France, Fatima in Portugal and Assisi in Umbria, Italy are among the most popular pilgrim sites we arrange. Santiago de Compestella in north western Spain and the way of St James which is the route leading to it, also known as ‘The Camino’ can be done either as a tour or as a walking pilgrimage. All these can be visited either as part of an organized tour, or through a privately arranged itinerary just for you. We also cater for church or religious groups wishing to travel together.

Battlefield Tours

Visit some of the most famous battlefield sites of World Wars I and II and a range of tours including Gallipoli, Turkey, The D-Day landing beaches of Normandy in France and the Somme battlefields areas in north eastern France and western Belgium including memorials at Ypres and Menin Gates. Follow war historians as they retrace the steps of so many who fought the bloodiest battlers telling amazing stories of bravery and fortitude. Visiting the cemeteries and touching the landscapes where these battles took place, gives an appreciation and respect like no other experience can. Chilling, emotional, touching and above all vividly memorable.