Gastronomic themed tours are most popular in Spain, Italy and France and can include anything from cooking classes in Tuscany to dining in Michelin Star dining in Paris to tapas bar walking tours in San Sebastian. As the home to some of the worlds finest and most famous cuisines in the world, the choices are endless and exciting. River cruising and French barge cruising are also popular ways to indulges in local delicacies and always involve the use of fresh local produce of the region you happen to be in. Of course it doesn’t just end with food delights. Winery tours, Vineyard accommodation packages and visits to famous French champagne houses are all popular options as well. Don’t forget of course a counter meal and a pint is also a great away to explore the cultural traditions of a classic English, Scottish or Irish pub. Here’s just a few a way of life for many and their primary source of transport so it is a great destination for your biking adventure. The facilities are excellent and you will always find yourself very welcome and well looked after wherever you may stop.

Here are few options among many you may wish to consider.


Italian, home of probably the worlds’ favourite and most exported cuisine. Pastas, Pizzas, Sauces, Cheeses, Wines, Gelato, the list of iconic products is seemingly endless.

Italy is a great chance to getting involved in seeing how some of these amazing things are produced. Immerse yourself

Why not try any or one of the following.

  • Participate in a cooking school in Tuscany
  • Visit a Pasta factory in Bologna
  • Try the exquisite seafood in Sicily and Lipari
  • Sample pizza in the home of pizza in Naples
  • Make your own buffalo mozzarella in Salerno
  • People watch with a gelato in a Rome Piazza


Eating is not just about food in Spain, it is a way of life. It is families coming together, it is friends gathering for social events, it is acquaintances catching up before heading home. It is all encompassing and fundamental to Spanish culture.
Whether it’s a delicious tapa or something more hearty, Spain’s cuisine is expansive and exciting. Seafood, meats, fresh vegetable and delicious treats, the cuisine has options for everyone.

Spain is also the only country to boast 5 restaurants in the world’s top 20 restaurant listing.

  • Tapas walking tour in San Sebastian
  • Dine at El Celler de Can Roca (Girona)
  • Stay in a traditional Bodega (vineyard)
  • Indulge in Paella in Valencia
  • Try the traditional pouring of cider in Asturias
  • Taste the fresh Atlantic seafood in Galicia


One of the worlds’ most famous cuisines, French cuisine evokes decadence, indulgence and romance. It is rich in flavour and exciting to the senses.

Here’s some options to either add a special touch to your existing trip, or some ideas to inspire an entire gastronomic itinerary.

  • Visit a champagne houses of Epernay
  • Tour the wineries around Bordeaux
  • Sample the local produce from the markets of Provence
  • Dine up the Eiffel Tower
  • Cooking school in the Marais district, Paris
  • Cruise the Dordogne Valley
  • Stay, Dine and Ride in the Loire