About Us

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is that travel should be exciting, it should be adventurous, it should be fun, and pleasurable and educational all at the same time. It should be the thing that motivates you and the thing that stimulates you. At Surf CoastTravel and Cruise we want to bring this to you. We want to get involved and make it exciting for you, the traveler. We want your holiday to be filled with wonderful experiences laced with exquisite touches that will make every trip memorable.

We don’t want you to just BE at a destination. We want to you feel the soul of its people, to feel its heartbeat, to understand its mysteries, its histories and its nuances, and to be swept away by its romance. We want you to feel those special feelings that only traveling to far and exotic places can give you. So it is the places you go, the people you meet and the things you do while you are there that make it so special, and using our specialized expertise in our favourite destinations, it is our pleasure to bring this to you, each and every time you travel.


Our Company and What we do

Surf Coast Travel and Cruise is a new company formed in 2013, but with over 50 years of family experience in the Australian aviation industry and in the retail travel industry in Australia and the UK, we can be trusted to get things right.

Further to this it is bringing to you special experiences to stamp your trip memorable. Flights, accommodation, cruising, car hire, and coach tours, private tours of course are part of our service, but in addition to this, it’s the festivals, special events such as sport, theatre, exhibitions that we can get to you to, the epic trek, the spiritual journeys, the VIP treatment and the exclusive privileges you’ll enjoy that makes us different, and makes your trip all the more special. Why not walk, trek, bike or canoe your way too.
With family ties in both Australia and Spain, the Iberian peninsula of Spain and Portugal is our particular passion. It is here that our knowledge and experience is unique. Our specialist knowledge of Spain and Portugal allows us to present options for you, that other companies simply don’t offer.

Underpinning everything we do is value for money, for you the traveler, and first class service. Our international partners are carefully selected based on their expertise, their products, and foremost the service they provide, and it’s our special relationships and associations that enable us to provide competitive prices whilst demanding them and ourselves to provide the highest possible levels of service for the traveler. When we say tailor-made travel, that exactly what we mean. It’s tailor-made to suit you best, so if that’s a coach tour of Italy, a wine and cheese tasting river cruise in the south of France, or a private tour for just yourself and a friend with a guide, it can be. You can create your own themed tour, based around your passion for sports, art, food, wine, theatre or history for your group of friends or associates, or perhaps fora recreational club to which you belong.

The point is you can choose what you want to do and how you want to do it, and we can make your passions become a reality.

Our aim is to help you create your dream trip, or dream travel experience.

Set your dreams in motion.

Surf Coast Travel and Cruise