Qantas announces Perth to London Flight

Qantas announces Perth to London Flight

In welcome news, Qantas last week announced the launch of the first non-stop passenger flight from Perth to London.
The first flight in the 236 seat Boeing 787 Dreamliner will take off on March 24 next year, arriving at London Heathrow some 18 hours later.
Qantas will also be building a new international transit lounge at Perth Airport to improve the travel experience for passengers.
This is a move that will be of great comfort to many Australian passengers and is great news for Perth and WA in general as well with East Coast travellers sure to take time in Perth at some stage, whilst feeling the comforts of home.

Whilst there has been some conjecture about the cost of initial airfares we feel it is worth giving the route time on the market before fairly assessing how these fares will impact the traveller.

The upgraded aircraft is also a plus with the new aircrafts featuring more legroom for passengers, better inflight entertainment and a self-service bar.

Although yet to be announced, it would seem logical that Qantas will look to re-establish its long standing relationship with British airways in order to make use of the extensive coneections to European destinations and once again utilising London as an attractive stopover destination.

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